Networking for Professional Women
March 01, 2016

Networking for Professional Women

What exactly do you do? Do you have an amazing business, or service that no one knows about? Do you work for a company and want to grow your connections? Let's do that! Join Debbie Zinman from and Elle Marks designer of and guest speaker Camille Dundas media expert from CTV news, and owner of 404 Media "How to Get Free Publicity - It's All in the Pitch".
Each woman will have the opportunity to talk about themselves and discuss what they do for 4-8 minutes and answer any questions guests may have. This is a great opportunity to gain exposure and expand your business network. We're going to make it an inspiring evening of connections.
Don't miss out! Come meet and greet in a phenominal network of professional women.
Guest Speaker Summary:
Camille Dundas is a media expert, having worked as a news writer and producer for Toronto's major news programs including CBC National, CP24 Breaking News, CityTV News and CTV's Canada AM. Camille's journalistic style is anchored by her mastery of and passion for storytelling, so it should come as no surprise that Camille is also an educator. She loves to share her knowledge of the media landscape and the unique lessons she has learned during the last ten years she's been working in the broadcast industry. A personal and professional milestone for Camille was meeting the late Nelson Mandela and the rare opportunity to co-direct an educational documentary about maternal health in Rwanda. As a media consultant at 404 Media Group she leads practical workshops that give clients critical insight into how the media works, and how it can work for them. As the editor-in-chief at online magazine, Camille follows her biggest passion; highlighting the achievements of her community.