Classic Skirts

We are well known for our amazing collection of gorgeous skirts.  We have endless samples in all sizes in store. Once you try on the sample we will tailor your skirt to the best fit, according to your shape. From there you will Know exactly what you’re  getting. Because most Women generally shift in their measurements from am to pm. Our skirts always have slight directional stretch so they feel really good. So No more guessing or uncertainty with tailored and made to measure clothes. You will know exactly how comfortable  it will feel. Once you’re in love with the fit you can then choose your Color & Fabric and the rest is up to us.

Once we have your Skirt fit of 5 core measurements, Your Information will be kept in your Profile. A Profile gives our clients the  flexibility to shop other styles and products. Your Profile belongs only to you. This feature also really help our clients know what they should order online. So you don’t have more clutter of Ill fitted clothes. 

 Our Skirt have a Current production wait time of 3 weeks. 


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