Free Cloth Mask Initiative.

We are manufacturing thousands of high quality double layered masks for high risk, vulnerable communities and for those that can’t access one. Now with easier access to obtaining a cloth mask, we have reserved our free mask initiative for the homeless, refugee shelters, women’s shelters, Group Homes and those that are financially struggling on government assistance. We encourage anyone that is financially struggling at this time to reach out for a Free Mask. 

Each cloth mask is professionally wrapped and packaged with care instructions with best prevention practices, we also include several sheets of disposable filters. All of our high quality masks come with adjustable strings that comfortably fit around the head for a secure fit. No more ear soreness or ill fitted problems. If you are in need of a free cloth masks please reach out to us via the tab, “ Request a Free Mask” all masks are randomly selected and will be sent via Canada Post standard mail.