About the Designer


Based in Toronto, Ellé Marks is a womenswear clothing designer that focuses on empowered clothing for women. She also firmly believes that the time has come for women to rise up and demand more from the garment industry. Ellé believes that the clothing industry has over flooded women with garments that have no lasting power in fashion or quality. Ellé wanted to create a line of women's clothing that brings function, ease, style and quality to a women's everyday wardrobe.  Originally from Montreal Quebec, Ellé brings her love for fashion and drive for social enterprise to Toronto. 
"I envisioned classic womenswear combined with sustainability mainstreamed into everyday retail.  I wanted to see women have better sustainable options. From my tiny apartment to having a huge shop,  Thank you to all the women that supported my small growing brand over the years. Everyday I am grateful to live my passion and design amazing sustainable designs.  I am truly honored to lead the way for the brand."