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The modern woman is rethinking her over- crowded closet. 

Have lots of Clothes and Yet Nothing to Wear? ... We believe you.

We have met hundreds of women on the journey on being experts on a sustainable clothing. Here are some facts we would like to share with you.

FACT 1: The majority of women have overcrowded closets because they don't have the right clothes that fit their unique shapes properly. (So they keep adding in hopes of magically finding function.) 

FACT 2: ALL women were missing traditional basics. ("You don't have a clean white t-shirt, seamless panties, trousers, a black pencil skirt ?")

FACT 3: If that wasn't enough we also learned that at least 77% of our clients had  an overwhelming surplus of unsustainable fast fashion items. Items that lasted a few weeks, and then get packed into the Goodwill bag. 

So yes.. The majority of woman do not have a functional wardrobe  to wear. 

Does this mean you need to rush out and purchase a brand new wardrobe? No it doesn't, but it does mean it may be time to rethink function and sustainability

For that reason, we suggest you book a consultation with our in house stylist to help you regain function in your wardrobe.  When you book a 30 min private appointment  in our Forest Hill Boutique/ Studio. You can expect to get to know our team by telling us about yourself and what you would like to achieve in your day to day wear. 

Our in house stylist will help you find the various looks that fits your lifestyle. Together you will build a series of functional work-wear, day wear and classic basics that will make your closet more functional and exciting.
 Call us to book or learn more. 
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