Social Hustle

Social Hustle

You know the drill. Working. Thinking. Being. Doing. 24-7. That’s us. The professional woman…mom…wife…daughter…friend.

Women these days are working the 9-5 and sometimes... also pulling a side hustle. So many women are turning their passions into a profession and using their social networks to grow revenue. In 2017 Women are constantly selling their ideas, talents, abilities and products. 

That’s why we created our Social Hustle line. 

In our Social Hustle line you will feel Confident , polished, comfortable, flexible and ready for any camera ops.

Our 5 Essentials for the Social Hustler are Designed and made in Canada. Our fabrics are sourced from ethical and sustainable manufacturers. Our items are comfortable, durable and also ideal for travel. These items will not let you down. 

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