Washable Floral Cloth Mask

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Jersey stretch washable mask with Cotton liner, Filter Option and Adjustable Strings.

This is a locally made Mask. It is not an N95.

The purpose of cloth masks is to help reduce transmission from hand to mouth/nose when out in public spaces gathering essentials. The best form of keeping safe is to STAY HOME and follow the guidelines of our Public Health Agency.

Directions: With Clean Hands and a Clean Mask, Pull bottom loop over head and place mask over mouth, then pull top string over head and adjust to a secure fit. 

CARE: After using mask CAREFULLY remove and immediately wash hands. Wash mask with detergent and lay flat on a clean towel. ( preferably in direct sunlight.) Remember to remove inside bamboo Rayon Filter. Filter can also be washed up to 20 times. 

We recommend using Blue Shop Towels & washable Bamboo towel sheets as inside additional filters. 

To utilize fabric efficiently , not all masks have exact floral layout as photo. However each mask will show flowers. 

Masks can be worn over surgical mask as shown. 

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