Build Your Capsule

A Capsule Wardrobe is the foundation of Elle Made Well.

We decided to bring function to a women's closet by designing key basics made from the best fabrics. Our growing collection is designed to fit well, be functional and of course be long lasting. If you have an overwhelming closet but still cant find something to wear, then you're missing the basics to create an effortless wardrobe. A Capsule wardrobe is a way of creating function by minimizing your clothes into a efficient collection that easily mixes and matches. (Instead of stuffing your closet with items you barely wear.)

How to Start Your Capsule in 5 easy Steps

1) Empty your closet. We're Serious! Take everything out. Your closet should be absolutely empty, Don't cheat- clearing out the space is the key to your style space. Now place all your ultimate favorites back in. Is there a style theme? Are you Minimalist, Casual, Conservative, Wild or a Fashion Icon? A blend of all? Perhaps you don't have a defined style. (We'll help with that in a bit.) Either way only place back your favorite pieces. Don't place back items you are not loving. (When defining love we mean - Do you love it? Or do you love the idea of it? If it doesn't look and feel great, then we say it doesn't deserve a hanger in your valuable closet space.)

2) Do you have items that are in need of repair or an adjustment?  Either way don't wear items that are falling apart, simply gather all the items you wish to save or modify and come see us or your local tailor for a refreshing adjustment and bring your favorites back to life.

3) Do you have winter items mixed in with your summer wear? Keep things simple, If it's not in season store it in a airtight bag and simply store it under your bed.

4) Now its time to gather up all the items you don't wear and (hardly like) and pack them all into a bag and toss in them garage. When you're looking for an item you can always go retrieve it. Give it 6 months and if you're not missing those items, then it's time to give the bag away.  (But our bet is that you will forget about them.) If you have clothing you know for certain you don't love or want, then its time to give them away, or exchange them with friends. Perhaps host a clothing swap with your friends and clear out those much unwanted items.

5) Now take inventory with what you have, we love using closet apps like Stylebook or Mystyle. These Apps help you view your closet as a collective. You will be able to identify your needs immediately. For example- Do you have weekend wear yet nothing practical for work? Do you have workwear but nothing casually for a nice dinner with friends? Do you have a little bit of everything but lacking function? Either way we're here to solve your wardrobe woes. Take note of what you're obviously missing, ie., work tops, work bottoms, casual wear, evening wear and get ready beacuse It's now time to Build Your Capsule. 


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